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Property Specs

Total Area: 477,000m2 (118 Acres)

10% Green Area Required / 8% Access 

Private Beachfront: 1KM and heights of 200ms  (700ft) above sea level.

Construction Effective Area: 391,140m2


The density of the area in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic for this property is 15 rooms per acre of terrain. This yields 715 rooms which can be built in the alloted space.

Historic Marina

The historic marina dates since 1850 and its named after the Scotsman Jackson, famous for the development of Sanchez/Railroads to Santiago.


Sea Caves

This property is home to 2 natural sea caves, approximately 1KM in depth. This is a Scuba Divers haven - perfect for underwater adventures, snorkeling, or simple leisure swimming.



A natural lagoon is found just steps from the sand banks.



Immersed in a lush tropical forest within a short drive from Playa Jackson, lies Salto El Limón Waterfall. An experience that will take you to the edge of a 50m waterfall.

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