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Own a piece of Tropical Paradise

Playa Jackson Development by DANASA SRL Group provides an attractive and innovative real estate concept in the heart of the Caribbean.  Located in a prestigious area and backed by solid business operations, Playa Jackson provides an exciting opportunity to develop residential spaces and hotels - which will dramatically challenge existing alternatives. Buying on an undeveloped area in Playa Jackson provides investors the opportunity to maximize their return on investment.


Jackson beach is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Samana Island in the Dominican Republic.  Made up of 500,000 m2 (~118 acres), with a vast part located on breathtaking waterfront property.   
Just minutes from El Catey International Airport and 8KM from Las Terrenas and the Local Airport El Portillo, this area is easily accessible.


The project involves the adaptation and lithification of the land, DANASA SRL Group provides all the necessary services for developers, including development/building permits. We will provide an area with everything you need to develop in the most exclusive and progressive land in the Caribbean with beaches and mountains, approximately 1 KM of private beach and heights of up to 200 meters above sea level.

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